One of the pleasant and relaxing moments for "enjoy life" is the time for a lunch or a dinner, even better if consumed in an excellent restaurant.

After spending, the day on the beaches of lake or in search of the wonders that our environment offers the best thing is to enjoy an excellent dinner. Attend one of the typical restaurants of Tignale means discovering the gastronomic culture of this beautiful country.

For moments of relaxation, means also pamper your palate with the flavors of Florida and varied tignalese tradition and Italian, it also adds to the pleasure of eating in environments simple but elegant, surrounded by kindness and professionalism. Here below you can find some of the proposals of the wide range of restaurants and pizzerias that Tignale offers its guests.



Ristorante/Pizzeria Al Torchio

The restaurant, in the center of Tignale, in time he was able to create a place among the senses of the discerning palate, thanks to a warm and familiar atmosphere. The name "Al Torchio" derives the centenary Torchio, renovated wooden, placed at the center of the veranda (recently restructured and closed to use also in the winter period).

The kitchen is true and simple but at the same time rich in aromas and fantasy, combined to ancient flavors of tradition Bresciano-trentina with those of the Mediterranean cuisine: steacks of salted meat seasoned with organic oil of Tignale, rich salads and homemade lasagna, tagliatelle with Marinated hare, Pestom (typical salami cooked on the grill), Tiramisu of the house. The pizza is the queen of the house thanks to the wood oven and a pizza, capable of giving life to a fragrant pulp to long rising and not too thin.

In our room, we can prepare foods that do not contain gluten, being able to choose between a wide ranges of pizzas prepared at the moment. In order to ensure that dishes are free of contamination by gluten, is placed a lot of attention in the storage and preparation of food (Department of Labor and ovens exclusively dedicated to gluten-free) and are used products approved by the AIC - Associazione Italiana Celiachia.



Ristorante Pizzeria Al Torchio Via Roma, 41 -
Tignale (BS) - Tel: 0365 760296
Giorno di chiusura Martedì


Ristorante La Miniera 

L’Osteria la Miniera its a rustic and cozy with typical small rooms with the Fire wood for the grilled and a wide veranda with a lovely garden where you can have lunch in the hotter months . The success is in the professionalism and passion of the chef Sergio and in warmth from the family character of Silvia, his companion;  together they are managing the local with enthusiasm and personality . A Cusine that is essentially based on the tradition of the territory, the seasonality and freshness of the raw materials and on the typical local products: Spiedo con Polenta, Pasta Homemade , fresh Fish from the Lake,  wild game , mushrooms, the truffle (the inevitable fresh Bigoi with the truffle and Cream of the Garda cheese ), the extra virgin olive oil quality, homemade pastries,  Grappa and a wide choice of  Wine, Bread and Focaccia are made every day and gave to the guest at the table still warm.

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