Organic EVO (extra virgin olive) oil, a Tignalese excellence

Organic EVO (extra virgin olive) oil, a Tignalese excellence

The olive harvest is coming to an end and brings with it great satisfaction for all harvesters. Whether they are farmers by profession or passionate and lovers of traditions, they populate the olive groves every year with enthusiasm.

People of all ages prepare themselves for the beautiful practice of olive harvesting. They prepare themselves with the right tools. Some in the old way the “scalí”, the nets, the “grümial”, Others with mechanized tools. But one thing makes them similar, the passion for good oil, for the maintenance of the beautiful land exposed to the lake and for traditions.

The olive culture becomes a beautiful story that is set in the rural landscape of Tignale with the work and effort of the olive growers that is worth being told.

Having an experience in the olive grove can become a lesson especially for those who come from the city.

The olives are harvested and cleaned from leaves and twigs. They are then transported in special boxes to the Oleificio Biologico "Latteria Turnaria" in Tignale (Oil Mill) in this case. Here too, being able to witness the whole grinding process is a true cultural and sensorial experience. Different scents inebriate the sense of smell and activate the taste buds, causing that "mouth-watering" sensation.

And then, the magic! You see that dense liquid fall into the containers, full of aromas and a bright green colour: the emotion grows. We are faced with an oil full of polyphenols, these molecules excellent for health and also anti-aging for their cell regeneration properties.

Organic extra virgin olive oil from Tignale is an excellence of this area. It derives from a careful choice of the olives given to the mill and produced on certified organic cultivation soils. The variety of plants are selected from Leccino, Casaliva and Gargnà. The olives ground within 48 hours with the cold method in a modern plant give life to three varieties of oil. Organic extra virgin olive oil which, as already mentioned, contains a very high number of polyphenols. The citrusy oil that comes from the more than ever perfect combination of the two most important products for the Tignale area, organic extra virgin olive oil and citrus fruits from the lemon groves still in production, such as "The Ecomuseo Limonaia Pra de la fam". A real treat used cold on salads, fish and more alternative dishes or on the ice cream. The last born is the "Casal Turnaria", with low acidity, rich in aromas and with an excellent balance between bitter, spicy and a pleasant sweetness. The characteristic of this last oil is that it is entirely Tignalese.

So, how can we not want to experience such a satisfying experience for all the senses.

The view offered by the Tignalesi olive groves, exposed to Lake Garda as a beautiful setting. The culture of handed down traditions and ancient and modern tales. The awareness of eating good and healthy products. The experience of exalting the biodiversity of cuisine and flavours. Enhanced by the knowledge learned in the olive grove and in the mill, to best way to end this wonderful experience is sitting at a table, by candlelight. In the restaurants of Tignale you can pamper your palate with traditional dishes seasoned and flavoured with Tignale extra virgin olive oil. You can enjoy a " Luccio alla Gardesana" (Pike), a hot "Brö brusà" with a drizzle of cold oil. It will truly be an experiential journey that you will not easily forget. By bringing these products at home as precious souvenirs you will continue to inebriate your sense of taste and leave your mind free to return to these splendid territories.