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In our small but cozy wellness center, surrounded by stunning Mediterranean nature and fascinated by the lake view, You will forget the hustle and bustle of the daily life.

Pamper yourself will be a wonderful experience of the senses and restore the balance between body and mind you will find it easy wrapped by the charm and the peace of this place.

After a day of sport, shopping or passed on the beaches that the Garda offers, you will be surrounded by the scents of citrus fruits, olive oil and lavender which characterize our nature.

Your relaxation you can find it in the Turkish bath, the sauna of natural wood, in the panoramic whirlpool tub, but also through our choice of massages executed with professionalism and with typical products and certificates.

A place of paradise, elected to express all the love for themselves.

...treat yourself to a wonderful experience...



Sauna - Bagno Turco - Angolo Tisane - Angolo Relax - Vasca Idromassaggio



During the holidays is the ideal time to find a balance between our body and mind.

Take time for themselves in a relaxing environment and charme relying on the expert hands of Ida becomes much easier.

"a good physical shape is also an expression of a psychological wellbeing"

to reach this wellness B&B Borgo Le Vigne Resort offers you this series of treatments :


Thai massage

This treatment combines the points of acupuncture with one stretching assisted inspired by the Indian yoga. You work on energy lines that pass through the human body. Increases the vascular activity, promotes the release of toxins from the cells, dissolves the muscular tensions.

1 hour € 70,00

Craniosacral treatment

Is a practice of contact with the body and the system of the person. With a gentle touch and prejudice in deep listening to the rhythms of the interior the therapist encourages the ability to heal the body and facilitates the release of the voltages. During treatment you can get into a state of deep relaxation and tranquillity. Suitable for all.

1 hour € 70,00

Lymphatic drainage Vodder method

Technique that reactivates the lymphatic circulation by eliminating the waste products of metabolism and fostering the exchange of oxygen of the tissues. Is effected by with the hands of the circulatory motion, rhythmic and pumping, following the path of the lymph. Suitable for the drainage of excess liquids, edemas and swelling, cellulite, to improve the intestinal functions, aiding the elimination of toxins and lactic acid.

1 hour € 70,00



Fiori di Bach

Scoperti e diffusi da Edward Bach ( 1886-1936), sono 38 rimedi floreali che ci aiutano in modo amorevole a superare le difficoltà della nostra personalità. Ciascun rimedio è relativo ad un particolare stato d'animo o emotivo come paura, mancanza di fiducia e preoccupazione. Lo stato negativo non è eliminato ma integrato. Adatto a tutti

Detox alimentare

consigli alimentari per la disintossicazione, consigli sull'utilizzo di prodotti naturali e sullo stile di vita. Come scegliere un'alimentazione sana, semplice e naturale. Programma di disintossicazione personalizzati.

Incontriamo noi stessi

crisi della vita, possibilità della vita: come trasformare i periodi di crisi in occasioni, per stare meglio e progredir nella vita. Consapevolizzare ciò che c'è ed agisce  in noi necessita di un approccio che rispetti le nostre esperienze. Impariamo ad incontrare noi stessi in modo ricettivo e a diventare sempre più quelli che siamo realmente.


Natura e benessere sul lago di Garda

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